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Peptic Ulcer

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15 Tips For Quick Relief In Peptic Ulcer   Peptic Ulcer can be really painful. Every time you eat, your stomach bathes food in acids to continue the digestion that began in your mouth itself. Furthermore, the acids help to the breakdown proteins and fats are actually strong enough to damage the stomach and the duodenum, [...]

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Gum Disease

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21 Ways To Stop Gum Disease Fewer than half of the British adults have frequent dental check-ups for gum disease and only 62 percent of children are registered with NHS dentists, despite the treatment being free. The British Dental Association says that, while overall dental health is far better than it was two decades ago, the [...]

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13 Tips To Relieve A Toothache A toothache can be really painful, so it is hardly surprising that dentistry was one of the earliest medical disciplines which were been practiced. The Ancient Egyptians used some bizarre methods to ward off tooth pain, such as by placing a live mouse on the gums of a person with [...]

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10 Ways To Limit The Damage Of Scarring Scarring is produced by the body when the skin has been cut or broken open. It is the way of body replacing damaged tissue with healthy tissue. Scar tissue is tougher and less flexible than normal tissue. It is normally paler than the surrounding skin, flush with the [...]

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12 Remedies To Keep Phlebitis At Bay A person who has experienced phlebitis know it is very painful. It is a frightening affliction that can claim a victim’s life without warning via blood clot lodged in the veins of the lungs. Phlebitis just means inflammation of the veins. It is more correctly known as thrombophlebitis - [...]

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