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Tooth Stains

10 Brightening Ideas Of Tooth Stains Tooth stains are a common problem for now. Coffee, tea, colas, smoke, acidic juices certain medicines and highly pigmented foods can take their dingy toll on tooth enamel. In addition, not all the teeth were meant to be white. The natural color of teeth is actually pale yellow to pale yellowy red. But as [...]

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Dry Mouth

19 Mouthwatering Solutions For Dry Mouth For some people, the sensation of having a dry mouth is simply an infrequent nuisance whereas for some others it is quite a serious problem. Mouth dryness which is medically known as xerostomia can be really debilitating. If left untreated it can even lead to mouth sores, tooth decay and other oral health problems. [...]

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Nerve Pain

10 STRATEGIES TO KILL NERVE PAIN Nearly everyone experiences nerve pain or back pain from time to time, but only some percentage have to endure the agonizing pain of nerve pain or sciatica. The sciatic nerve stretches from the lower back region down the back of the legs to the ankles. Anything that puts pressure on the nerve, such as [...]

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Dry Eyes

18 Moistening Ideas Of Dry Eyes Dry eyes occur when eyes are not able to produce enough amount of tears to keep them moist and comfortable. Eye dryness is a common problem and around half of the people over the age of 40 experience it in some form, whether it is an intermittent or a persistent problem. Dry eyes are [...]

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Greasy Skin

6 Ideas For A Shine-Free Face (Greasy Skin) Nobody dies from a greasy skin and researchers are exactly racing to find a cure. Indeed, the best advice most experts have to offer is to keep your skin clear. And this includes no magic in this. The greasy skin has many more causes than solutions. Heredity plays a big part, as [...]

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16 Tips To Ease The Discomfort Of Haemorrhoids Haemorrhoids may have changed the course of history. It is said that Napoleon was so very much distracted by the pain and discomfort of haemorrhoids that this contributed to his defeat at Waterloo. But hemorrhoids or piles are a common ailment this side of the channel too which is affecting about the [...]

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