Greasy Skin

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6 Ideas For A Shine-Free Face (Greasy Skin) Nobody dies from a greasy skin and researchers are exactly racing to find a cure. Indeed, the best advice most experts have to offer is to keep your skin clear. And this includes no magic in this. The greasy skin has many more causes than solutions. Heredity plays [...]

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16 Tips To Ease The Discomfort Of Haemorrhoids Haemorrhoids may have changed the course of history. It is said that Napoleon was so very much distracted by the pain and discomfort of haemorrhoids that this contributed to his defeat at Waterloo. But hemorrhoids or piles are a common ailment this side of the channel too which [...]

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Hangover Cure

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19 Ways To Deal With The Day After Hangover Cure The best and foolproof treatment of hangover cure is 24 hours. In addition, many other symptom like headache, nausea and fatigue can be alleviated. Here how it is: - 1. Get some pain relief for hangover cure: - A headache is invariably part of the package [...]

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Type 2 diabetes related diseases

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Is swelling of the feet due to diabetes curable? Question: - I have a type 2 diabetes related diseases question. My father has had diabetes for 28 years and he is now 58 years old. I have heard that diabetes affects different body organs. My father has a diabetic foot. His liver, heart, kidneys, eyesight and [...]

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Importance of Fiber in Diet

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IMPORTANCE OF FIBER IN DIET Fiber is that part of the plant food that is unable to digest; however, bacteria present in the colon partly digests fiber through a process known as fermentation. You cannot find fiber in food of animal origin (meats and dairy products). Here you can see the importance of fiber in diet [...]

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Fiber for weight loss

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FEARLESS FIBER Soybeans: The New Fiber Health Food and healthy fiber for weight loss Soybeans contain soy proteins, which help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover soy proteins reduce the amount of total fat LDL cholesterol in the blood by reducing the synthesis of cholesterol. Amino acid composition is different from the structure of [...]

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Food and Weight Loss

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FOODS THAT BLOCK FATS AND BURN CALORIES Dietary fiber is one of the best foods which helps in absorption of fat and burn up the additional calories. Sounds good...isn't it and works really well. Yes Food and Weight Loss really works well. Firstly, when you combine the high-fiber food with any type of fat in your diet. [...]

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Weight Loss Tips for a Slim and Fit Body

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Weight Loss Tips for a Slim and Fit Body COUNT FIBER, NOT CARBS! In spite of high-fiber food require a longer time to eat. Furthermore they require more chewing time which gives your brain's appetite center time to shut down. Below mentioned are a few healthy weight loss tips. Fiber food combined with water become bulky and [...]

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The Four Most Common Knee Problems

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The Four Most Common Knee Problems There are several reasons for knee pain but the four critical areas which are the most prominent causes of knee pain are mentioned below. Some people suffer pain at their kneecap while going up or downstairs. This is the most common kind of knee problems and people who reside in [...]

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Diabetes has become a serious problem in India. Keep yourself updated with the ‘Myths & Facts about diabetes

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Some vitamins are found to be very useful to control Diabetes. Vitamin B Complex: B Group Vitamins are very helpful in the treatment of Diabetes. Due to high frequency of urination in the patients of diabetes they lack it very often in spite of sufficient intake. Vitamins of this group are important to control cholesterol and [...]

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