The diabetes disease occurs when blood sugar, or glucose levels, are too high. Glucose in
the blood is the major energy source, derived from the foods you eat. The pancreas makes
insulin, a hormone that helps glucose from the food enter your cells to be used as energy.

Your body sometimes doesn& produce enough or isn table to use insulin properly. Your
blood glucose remains in your body and doesn&t reach your cells.
As the amount of glucose in your blood rises over time, you can develop health problems if
you do not take action. Despite the fact that diabetes has no treatment, there are steps you
can take to manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

types of Diabetes

Type one Diabetes

The body doesn’t generate sufficient insulin for glucose regulation

Types two Diabetes

Insufficient insulin
Secretion for blood glucose regulation

Gestational Diabetes

The body is not able to produce
insulin for glucose regulation
during pregnancy

Vedascure Treatment

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