Fiber for weight loss

//Fiber for weight loss

Fiber for weight loss


Soybeans: The New Fiber Health Food and healthy fiber for weight loss

Soybeans contain soy proteins, which help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover soy proteins reduce the amount of total fat LDL cholesterol in the blood by reducing the synthesis of cholesterol. Amino acid composition is different from the structure of other proteins. In addition, we can say that fiber for  weight loss is healthy.

According to Clinical trials, there was a lower incidence of coronary heart disease in patients with a high soy intake. Soy beverages, tofu, tempeh, soy-based meat substitutes, and some baked goods contain good quantity of soy protein. Soy-rich foods should contain at least 6.5 grams of soy protein. Total fat should be less than 3 grams, with less than 1 gram of saturated fat, to qualify as a heart-healthy food. One-half cup of cooked soybeans contains 4 grams of fiber.

In another study, soy supplements shown how to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. Soy supplements also decreased the relative risk of having a recurrence of colon cancer in high-risk subjects. This study was there at the annual conference of The American Institute for Cancer Research. High soy intake may be able to delay the onset of colon cancer. In addition, it also lower the risk or may lead to more cancer-free years in those whose initial cancer was surgically removed.

Soy foods, vegetables, and fruits contain isoflavonoids, conversely they can offset some of the adverse effects of estrogen on the body. Fiber for weight loss proves to be really beneficial for your body. By eliminating meat from the diet, the levels of estrogen in the body decrease. By decreasing the meat and increasing the fiber, the body is less likely to develop estrogen-related uterine and breast tumors.

Veggies help in reducing the risk of bladder cancer

According to a recent study on bladder cancer it is important to drink good quantity of water. Do not smoke, drink and eat lots of cruciferous vegetables which is best for fiber for weight loss. A good intake of cruciferous vegetables includes broccoli and cabbage, significantly reduce the risk of bladder cancer. We can easily see this by the presence of one or more phytochemicals present in broccoli and cabbage. Both these are specified in the reduction of bladder cancer risk. High intake of fruits, yellow vegetables, and green leafy vegetables did not significantly reduce the risk of bladder cancer. More you include cruciferous vegetables there is a visible reduction in bladder cancer.

Veggies help to prevent breast and uterine cancer

Women who limit red meat and eat lots of green vegetables, reduced the risk of developing breast and uterine cancer. In addition increased level of estrogen results due to the consumption of beef, ham, pork and other red meat. As it has been implicated in the formation of breast and uterine cancer. Intake of 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily containing phytonutrients, in particular, isoflavonoids can be beneficial. As it may offset some of estrogen’s effect on the uterus and breast.

Fiber and Fibroids

Benign uterine fibroids are the most commonly diagnosed uterine tumors. They are associated with anemia, pelvic pain and in some cases fertility problems. Women who have high levels of estrogen, may be related to red meat intake, are more prone to fibroids. A study has revealed that diet which includes less amount of meat and increased amount of green vegetables is good. As it has a significant effect on the prevention of the development of fibroids. Fiber for weight loss even adds nutrition to your body along with weight loss.

Isoflavonoids present in fruits and vegetables can offset the effect of estrogen on the body. By eliminating meat from the diet, the levels of estrogen in the body decrease. Decrease the amount of meat and increase the fiber uptake, which helps in Fiber for weight loss and the body slows the development estrogen-related uterine fibroid tumors.

Fiber and colon cancer

In January 1999, a group of Boston researches reported that there is no difference in the rates of the colon or rectal cancer in women. In comparison to who ate a high-fiber diet, as opposed to those who ate a low-fiber diet.

For an example, Women metabolize fiber in a different way in comparison to men. Female hormones, help in protecting colon cancer in many ways, as they do against heart disease. Moreover, there are different kinds of fiber included in a healthy diet, and the impact of plant foods and their fiber is still in its infancy.

In the mean time, recent studies have shown that high fiber diet prevent the development of colon cancer. As part of the ongoing Nurses’ Health Study that facilitated the data questioning the preventive role of fiber, for this reason, 2002 report showed that women who ate a diet high in red meat had extended rate of colorectal cancer.

In the same study, both men and women whose diet were low in red meat and high in fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains had significantly decreased the risk of colon cancer. In conclusion, where diets are high in plant-based foods and low in red meat and animal fat, people have lower rates of heart disease and colon cancer.

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