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6 Ideas For A Shine-Free Face (Greasy Skin)

Nobody dies from a greasy skin and researchers are exactly racing to find a cure. Indeed, the best advice most experts have to offer is to keep your skin clear. And this includes no magic in this.
The greasy skin has many more causes than solutions. Heredity plays a big part, as do hormones. Pregnant women sometimes notice that an increase in skin oil is due to hormonal activity changes. Women who are taking certain types of contraceptive pills often do as well. Stress can cause our oil glands to kick into overdrive and wrong cosmetics can easily aggravate an otherwise mild case of greasy skin.
It is good to have greasy skin as it is beneficial in the long run. As oily skin tends to age better and wrinkle less in comparison to dry or normal skin. Meanwhile, here are certain tips for a clean and drier face: –

1. Try a mud pack: –

Clay masks cleanse the skin of the greasiness and tone it – for a while but its effect is only temporary.

2. Use soap and hot water: –

Hot water is a good solvent. Wash your greasy skin with very warm water and plenty of soap dissolves skin oil better in comparison to cold water and soap.

3. Buy medicated soap: –

To find a dry soap is not a problem but to find a sop that won’t dry the skin is actually more of a challenge. Many dermatologists recommend specialized degreasing soaps which include Neutrogena or Boots ACT wash bar which is formulated for spots. But you need not spend lots of money as most of the ordinary soaps are pretty drying – the key is to use lots of lots of soap and scrub the skin.

4. Follow with an astringent: –

Astringents which contain alcohol are your best. But you can try Neutrogena Clear Pore Lotion or Clearasil Pore Cleansing Lotion.
For an effective inexpensive astringent, try witch hazel which contains some alcohol and works well. Alcohol-free astringents contain mostly water and are not as effective as those with alcohol, but they may help if you have sensitive skin.
Rather than washing your face several times in a day can leave your skin dry and irritated. You are better off carrying astringent pads with you and using them to cleanse your face.

5. Use herbal teas: –

Any of the herbal astringents will help to dry out the oily skin. Popular astringents include china tea, oak bark, geranium bark and geum. Make a weak tea using any of the following herbs, let it cool, strain and apply to greasy areas using a cotton ball.
Another remedy you could use is to your oily areas with used tea bag several times a week. This tip doesn’t even require a visit to the health food shop.

6. Choose cosmetics with care: –

Make-up comes in two major categories oil-based and water-based. If your skin is oily use only water-based products. Many cosmetics are specially formulated for oily skin. They soak up and cover oiliness so that the skin doesn’t look as greasy. But none of the cosmetics has any magical ingredient to slow down or stop oil production.

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