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19 Ways To Deal With The Day After Hangover Cure

The best and foolproof treatment of hangover cure is 24 hours. In addition, many other symptom like headache, nausea and fatigue can be alleviated. Here how it is: –

1. Get some pain relief for hangover cure: –

A headache is invariably part of the package that goes with a hangover. Aspirin or ibuprofen will definitely help you however, it can irritate and cause bleeding from stomach, already inflamed from too much alcohol. Avoid them if you have a history of persistent indigestion or ulcers or are on warfarin or you have a known sensitivity to these anti-inflammatory drugs.

Paracetamol is toxic to the liver if taken in large dose. Even all, it is dangerous if your liver damage is due to alcohol. Similarly most of the experts believe that if your liver is damage by alcohol. A full daily dose of paracetamol (4 grams in 24 hours) will not do a social drinker any sort of harm as a hangover cure.

2. A herbal alternative for hangover cure: –

Willow bark is a natural pain reliever as it contains a natural form of salicylate which is an active ingredient in aspirin. Further you can take this in capsule form.

3. Replenish your water supply for hangover: –

Alcohol causes dehydration of your body cells. So drinking plenty of water before you go to bed and again when you get up in the morning after may help to relieve the discomfort and headache which is caused by dehydration.

4. Take B-complex vitamins: –

Drinking drains the body of these valuable vitamins. Research has shown that your system turns to vitamin B when it is under stress and overtaxing the body with much booze definitely qualifies as stress. Replenishing your body with a B-complex vitamin can help to shorten the duration of your hangover.

5. Take amino acids: –

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Just like vitamins and minerals they can also be depleted by alcohol. Replenishing amino acids will help to repair the ravages of a hangover cure. Provided that, eat a small amount of starch too as this will help to get the amino acid back into the bloodstream. In addition, amino acids are sold in capsule form and you can easily grab them from health food stores.

6. Eat a good meal: –

A balanced meal will replace the loss of essential nutrients. But try to keep the meal light – it should be not a hearty fried breakfast.

7. Drink fruit juice: –

Fruit juice contains a form of sugar called fructose, which helps the body to burn alcohol faster. A glass full of orange or tomato juice will help to accelerate the removal of the alcohol still in your system the morning after.

8. Try toast and honey:

Honey is a concentrated source of fructose and eating a little in the morning after is another way to help your body to flush out the remaining alcohol.

9. Drink some broth:

A clear broth made from stock cubes or any home-made stock, furthermore it help to replace the salt and potassium that your body loses.

10. Two cups of coffee: –

Coffee is a vasoconstrictor, which means that it reduces the swelling of blood vessels that causes a headache. Two cups can do a lot to relieve a headache associated with hangover cure. But don’t drink too much as you don’t need coffee jitters on the top of alcohol jitters.

11. Leave the hair on the dog:

You can go with treatment ‘hair of the dog that bit you’ – a morning alcoholic drink to reverse the effects of alcohol withdrawal. Needing a so-called ‘eye-opener’ is a danger sign that your drinking is out of control: you may well be on the way to alcohol dependency.

12. Let time heal: –

Indeed, treat your symptoms in the best possible way as you can. In other words, take a good night’s sleep and the next day all things will be forgotten. But hopefully not forgotten to the extent that you go off and do the same thing the next night!

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