When you place your order or sign up with us, we appreciate your trust in us. Privacy of your personal information is taken very seriously and we keep your information, order history, and any other records completely private.
OUR GUARANTEE: vedascure.in or any of its affiliates will NEVER misuse your personal information!!
We follow a very strict privacy policy as follows:
No Sharing of Information
We will never give out your email address or any other details: We do not include you in any mailing lists without your explicit consent. You will NEVER receive spam mail because of us.
We will never sell your information to any third parties: You probably do not know but most companies track browsing history, leave unwanted cookies on your desktops and even sell your information and browsing behavior to mailing lists or third parties. We ABSOLUTELY hate it.
We will never mail you unwanted information: When you order from us, you get control over what information we send to you. You can choose to keep a separate correspondence email id with us. If you do NOT want it, we will NOT send you an order confirmation, invoice, shipping confirmation, or satisfaction surveys.
We will NOT send you e-mails without your consent: If you do not want it, we will NEVER send you snail mails or even e-mails without your consent. We will never disturb you with e-mails soliciting repeat business if you do NOT want so. We firmly believe that our product quality and service efficiency would bring repeat business automatically.
Even your credit card/bank statement would not show our name: Even your credit card/bank account would show a transaction with the name of our company. Vedascure. in would NEVER appear anywhere.
We will maintain the security and of our systems and information: We maintain the latest anti-virus software(if required) and use secure passwords on all systems. Your information is safe with us and even our employees cannot access it unless it is needed to service you.
How we use your information
Your shipping address: This is used to ship your order. You can change it for every order and we will NEVER send anything else to this address except your order itself.
Your phone number: This is used only for purposes of helping the courier delivery person track you. The concealed packing of the orders ensures that the courier delivery person does not get to know anything about your order or you. We may also call you on the phone number provided to confirm the order before dispatching OR for any other purpose related to the order placed on Vedsacure. in. The call might be made via an automated system or by the customer care representative.

Your credit card information: Your CC/bank account information is used only to process the transaction.
Your email address: We will NEVER send you e-mails if you request us not to. As a default, we assume your consent to send you e-mails for purposes of:
E-mailing you a copy of the order
E-mailing you the shipping confirmation
E-mailing you a short customer satisfaction survey
E-mailing you ‘Reminders’ for products you opt to be reminded for
If you desire so, we can send you all of the above via SMS also. In line with our standards, we would never reveal our identity in the SMSes sent to you.
Your billing address: This is required ONLY for purposes of verification of your credit card. Vedsacure.in will NEVER send anything to your billing address.
Gathering Information
Every website inevitably collects information. However, we have a comprehensive information gathering policy to maintain your privacy.
For Visitors (people who look into our store or visit us) – When you visit Vedsacure.in, we know that someone is visiting us but we do NOT know that it is you. We ONLY count the number of visitors and track which pages/products are of greater interest to visitors. We do NOT gather or use any information about any specific persons who visit our site
Customers (people who have an account with us or order with us)
We keep a record of your personal information but it is covered by our Privacy Policy and is held in the strictest confidence.
You have the right to know what information we have collected about you. You also have the right to change this information. If you would like to contact us about changing some aspect of the information we have for you, please write to us at info@Vedsacure.in
In order to make changes to your information you will be required to first prove your identity to us. This prevents other individuals from accessing your files.
We will not reveal credit card numbers over the telephone. If there is an issue with your credit card we can handle it through your merchant bank (the process is easier than it sounds).
Any customer feedback we receive is also held in strict confidence. If we do disclose your feedback about our business or products it will be in a completely anonymous manner.
In summary, your purchase from Vedsacure.in is held in the strictest of confidence. And it is 100% private!!

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