Arshaantak Vati



Vedas cure manufactures all the products using herbal and natural ingredients.

The ingredients used are free from harmful chemicals and very beneficial for the human body.

It is a medically tested and GMP certified product.

The various ingredients added in arshantak vati reduces the body temperature and stomach heat. It helps by improving the digestion of the patient.

How to use?


  • The optimum dose of arshantak vati required to cure piles and hemorrhoids is 250 to 350 mg.
  • It can be taken in the form of tablets or powder.
  • Archant vati is given on an empty stomach to get quick results.
  • Ingest it with lukewarm water and honey to get better results.
  • The dosage and time of administration of arshantak vati depend on the disease for which the herbal medicine is prescribed.



  • Arshantak vati, by Vedas cure, is amongst the famous ayurvedic propriety medicines that are manufactured in a completely herbal way.
  • It is manufactured by mixing all the natural herbs and spices that help to improve the health of the individual. The main use of arshantak Vati is the treatment of hemorrhoids, piles, fistula, fissure,
  • Arshantak vati is the first drug of choice for the management of piles and hemorrhoids.
  • It helps to stop the bleeding during passing stools. Also provides relief to discomfort and pain in piles and hemorrhoids.
  • Arshantak Vati by Vedas cure has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and thereby helps to subside the pain, inflammation associated with it.
  • Arshantak vati by Vedas cure helps to improve the digestion and increases the appetite of the patient.
  • It aids to cure constipation and passes out the hard formed feces. Arshantak Vati of Vedas cure helps to resolve bloating and flatulence of the stomach caused by improper digestion.


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