Chandraprabha Vati



Vedas cure has several products that improve the health of the patient. Vedas cure works naturally to treat the disease and disorders. To prevent the disease and maintain good health Vedas cure implements the use of natural substances to manufacture herbal products.

Chandraprabha Vati is the formulation of Vedas cure that is prescribed by ayurvedic doctors to treat various disorders.

Chandraprabha Vati is highly efficient for the treatment of urinary tract obstruction, urinary calculi. The modern medical system does not have a permanent solution for urinary obstruction or urinary calculi formation. Vedas cure offers the treatment for urinary tract obstruction and calculi formation in the form of Chandraprabha Vati. These tablets help to resolve the calculi obstruction and calculi formation in the ureter or urinary tract.


The products assembled for the manufacture of the herbal products at Vedas cure are of high-quality. Sub-standard products or low-quality products are not considered at Vedas cure.


DOSAGE: The optimal dose of Chandraprabha Vati is 2 tablets per day. It is given on a full stomach i.e after meals.

The dose of Chandraprabha Vati is designed according to the condition and severity of the disease.


Gonorrhea and fistula can be treated by Chandraprabha Vati.

Chandraprabha Vati contains natural ingredients that improve the hemoglobin content in the body, thus it is given to people suffering from low levels of hemoglobin or people with anemic disorders. It increases the hemoglobin levels and maintains a healthy hemoglobin level in the range of 12-14gm/dL.

Chandraprabha Vati is also prescribed for patients undergoing liver disease like jaundice. It improves the bilirubin levels and functioning of the liver, bile duct, etc.

The year 2020 hit very hard as it carried the pandemic along. Among the several issues raised, the use of the digital platforms is one of those. The students had online classes, teachers had to teach online, people had to work from home likewise everything became digitalized. In the meantime, the harmful rays of these screens had a negative impact on the eyes. The health of the eyes is very badly affected during this tenure. Chandraprabha Vati of Vedas cure is the most beneficial product for the health of the eyes. It increases the lubrication and reduces the strain on the eyes.

The female population complained about numerous uterus disorders like irregular menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, pain and discomfort during menses, problems in conceiving, etc. Chandraprabha Vati helps to treat all female disorders.

Chandraprabha Vati is the wonder formulation to treat erectile dysfunction in males. It treats male infertility problems and improves the health of the patient.


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