kaishnor Guggulu



Vedas cure has several products that improve the health of the patient. Vedas cure works naturally to treat the disease and disorders. To prevent the disease and maintain the good health vedas cure implements the use of natural substances to manufacture the herbal products.

Chandraprabha vati is the formulation of vedas cure that is prescribed by the ayurvedic doctors to treat various disorders.

Chandraprabha vati is highly efficient for the treatment of urinary tract obstruction, urinary calculi. The modern medical system does not have permanent solution for the urinary obstruction or urinary calculi formation. Vedas cure offers the treatment for the unrinary tract obstruction and calculi formation in the form of Chandraprabha vati. These tablets helps to resolve the calculi obstruction and calculi formation in the ureter or urinary tract.

Gonorrhea and fistula can be treated by Chandraprabha vati.


The optimal dose of kaishor guggulu is 2 tablets/day.


  • Kaishor guggulu is also used to treat acne, healing wounds, muscle cramps and sprains. The herbal ingredients present in the formulation cures the problems. It is indicated in the treatment of dysmenorrhea. To correct the menstrual cycle, it is prescribed.
  • Kaishor guggulu is also used to improve the health of the digestive system. It improves the overall health of the GIT. It maintains the healthy flora and fauna of the gut. It aids in digestion and helps to pass out fecal matter from the body.


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