Laxmivilas Ras



Vedas cure manufactures herbal ayurvedic products that intend to minimize the use of harmful synthetic drugs that cause major adverse effects. There are few specific diseases that have no definite treatment in modern medical system. For these diseases, symptomatic treatment is given to the patient to maintain the symptoms.

Vedas cure produced kanchanar guggulu to treat diseases like uterine fibroid. In the modern medical system, if the patient is diagnosed with uterine fibroid, doctors advice hysterectomy (i.e surgical removal of uterus). While in ayurveda medicine, there are better results of kanchanar guggulu treating uterine fibroid. It works by shrinking the size of fibroid in the uterus.


For uterine fibroids: 2tablets / thrice a day.

For PCOS: 2 tablets / twice a day.

For weight loss: one tablet in a day.

The dose depends on the disease and severity of the patient. The dose can be titrated accordingly.


Kanchanar guggulu is also prescribed in the treatment of PCOS and hyperthyroidism. It is very effective to correct vata and kapha. It shows beneficial effects in curing anemia, lymphoma, leukemia and other blood related disorders.

Kanchanar guggulu is also given to the patients to treat kidney stones, fistula, nasal polyps, swollen lymph nodes.

It is also indicated in the obese patients to help in weight loss. Kanchanar guggulu treats non-cancerous tumors.


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