Punarnavaadi mandoor


  • Useful increasing the blood in the body Aids in soothing the inflammation and strengthening the intestines.
  • Effective in anemia, splenomegaly, Hemorrhoids, chronic fever, inflammatory conditions.
  • Effective in malabsorption syndrome, Infective skin diseases, dermatitis, and Helminthiasis.

Anemia is a condition where hemoglobin levels in the body falls down. The patient experience various symptoms due to low hemoglobin levels. The iron content and hemoglobin levels should be maintained within the normal limits for proper functioning of the human body.

To normalize the hemoglobin level and iron content in the body, punarnavaadi mandoor is the well known ayurvedic formulation. It helps to improve the various symptoms associated with low hemoglobin levels. It is prescribed in all types of anemia and shows beneficial results.

Punarnavaadi mandoor has the properties to subside inflammation and swelling. It helps soothing inflammation and strengthen the intestines. It is also prescribed in the treatment of spleenomegaly, chronic fever, hemorrhoids and inflammatory disorders.

Punarnavaadi mandoor is given to the patients with autoimmune disorders that fight the body ‘s own defensive mechanism. It has all the natural ingredients that do not lead to any major adverse effects instead they produce various benefits.

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