Red Onion Oil


  • Help to control Hair fall
  • Onion Oil Helps to promote hair growth
  • Strengthens Hair roots
  • Gives Natural Shine to Hair

Vedas cure Red Onion oil minimizes hair thinning & helps in the regeneration of hair follicles. This helps in maintaining a higher hair volume and elasticity.

How to use ?

STEP 1 – Pump out 2 tablespoons of the oil.

STEP 2 – Gently massage onto scalp and work from root to tip. Leave on for at least 30 min, preferably overnight.

STEP 3- Shampoo your hair with Vedas cure Shampoo. Finger comb and air dry.


1.Help to control Hair fall

2.Onion Oil Helps to promote hair growth

3.Strengthens Hair roots

4.Gives Natural Shine to Hair


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