Vedas Migraine/Headache Care


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Vedas Cure has developed a very unique herbal composition for the treatment of migraine and acute headaches. The herbal composition is made up of 30 rare herbs which are very effective to control migraine-related headaches. These herbs provide permanent relief to patients with migraine.

Product Description

  • Vedas Migraine Cure herbs control severe & acute migraine headaches..
  • Make your mind calm and relaxed.
  • Boost memory power of the brain.
  • Correct any sleep disorders.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Control depression.
  • Provide natural immunity to the body to fight headaches naturally.

Treat all factors responsible for causing migraine such as constipation, hyperacidity, etc.
Apart from herbal composition we also provide Brahmi Vati n the form of tablets. The Brahmi Vati is very useful for patients of migraine.

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