Vitamins that lower Blood Sugar

//Vitamins that lower Blood Sugar

Vitamins that lower Blood Sugar

 Vitamins that lower Blood Sugar

Some vitamins are very useful to control Diabetes. Below mentioned are the vitamins that lower blood sugar.

Vitamin B Complex:

B Group Vitamins are very helpful in the treatment of Diabetes. Due to high frequency of urination in the patients of diabetes they lack it very often in spite of sufficient intake. Vitamins of this group are important to control cholesterol and excessive body fats, so they must be taken in good amount.

Thiamine or B1

Thiamine or Vitamin B1 is very useful for the patients of diabetes. When the food lacks Vitamin B1 it leads to the development of neuritis. This is a condition of inflammation of the optic nerves. This vitamin is very useful during Diabetic acidosis because it prevents the damage of the brain. We advise the patients of diabetes to keep taking this vitamin. Wheat germ, outer layer of rice, green vegetables, apple, banana, pulses, peas and nuts are rich sources of Vitamin B1.

Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6:

Lack of Vitamin B6 results in the formation of an acid called xanthurenic acid which damages the pancreatic tissues. Thus if we give  Vitamin B6 to the patient of diabetes it would lower the risk of formation of xanthurenic acid. The rich sources of vitamin B6 are green leafy vegetables, carrot, cereals, milk and brewer’s yeast.


Vitamin C:

This vitamin is highly recommended by the experts of diabetes treatment. Due to stress, frequent urination and destruction by sweeteners this vitamin is highly required by the patients of diabetes. Intake of Vitamin C produces natural insulin which is very much beneficial in diabetes. Indian Gooseberry also known as amla is the richest natural source of Vitamin C. Other sources of Vitamin C areas me all citrus fruits, green grams, Bengal grams and green leafy vegetables.


Vitamin E:

This is very effective in controlling the vascular damage due to Diabetes. Vitamin E is thus somewhat responsible for less requirements of insulin. Rich sources of Vitamin E include wheat, cereals, fruits, milk green leafy vegetables. Also sunflower seeds, soya beans oils, almond etc are good source of Vitamin E.


Vitamin A

A diabetic patient is not able to convert beta-carotene to Vitamin A.  That’s why a supplement for Vitamin A is recommended by the doctors.

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