Weight Loss Tips for a Slim and Fit Body

//Weight Loss Tips for a Slim and Fit Body

Weight Loss Tips for a Slim and Fit Body

Weight Loss Tips for a Slim and Fit Body


In spite of high-fiber food require a longer time to eat. Furthermore they require more chewing time which gives your brain’s appetite center time to shut down. Below mentioned are a few healthy weight loss tips.

Fiber food combined with water become bulky and create a feeling of fullness. Which prevents you from overeating. Consuming low-fiber food helps in ingesting more food.

Especially we eat low fiber refined carbohydrate food more often. They require less chewing and are not bulky enough. Low fiber food enters the intestinal tract. It rapidly absorbs in the form of sugar. The rapid rise in blood sugar causes a spike in insulin production.

Fat storage in the body is more which quickly drops the blood sugar and makes you hungry again. It takes certain amount of time for the nerve impulse to reach the appetite control center.

Consuming low fiber refined carbohydrates shuts off the feeling of hunger. As a result, this is the main primary reason that low fiber foods invariably cause weight gain.


Fiber content and crunch factor of dark green leafy vegetables makes them filling. Crunchy fiber foods take longer to eat and help your brain’s hunger mechanism to shut down quickly.

Fiber helps to prevent the absorption of fat from the intestinal tract. It wraps threads of fiber around the fat globules and prevents the fat’s absorption into the blood. The fiber is absorbing and helps sweeping the fat through and out of the intestinal tract.

Not to mention green color leafy vegetables contain many plant nutrients, antioxidants, and B-complex vitamins. Consequently these nutrients help to prevent cancer, heart disease and other degenerative neurological diseases.


Although fiber-rich oatmeal is healthy, nutritious, tastes great and is slow to digest. Yet it has insoluble fiber content. It shuts down your appetite mechanism. Oatmeal helps in reducing your craving for high-refined sugar products and fatty foods.

Oatmeal has a good quantity of soluble fiber even. For this reason it helps to clean out the fat in your blood vessels by increasing the HDL cholesterol. It sweeps out the bad LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. American Heart Association states that oatmeal is a great start for your day to reduce your risk of heart disease.

People should eat oatmeal for weight loss tips along with other whole-grain bran-type cereals daily. As they will have a lower risk of developing obesity and diabetes in comparison to non-cereal eaters. Bran cereals which have high-fiber help to regulate insulin production in the morning. It controls your appetite and help in reducing the risk of unwanted pounds.

Bran cereal has magnesium, it helps in reducing the risk of developing diabetes. Similarly it helps in stabilizing your blood sugar by preventing the overproduction of insulin. Oatmeal and whole-grain bran-type cereals are a good way to start your diet every morning.


Tomatoes are really healthy and are unique in their ability to produce an amino acid known as carnitine. This acid helps your body to burn fat at a faster rate by increasing your body’s basal metabolic rate. Any tomato products, which includes from ketchup to tomato sauce are great for your weight-reducing diet.

Tomatoes are coupled with a good amount of vitamin C and an antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene helps to prevent several types of cancer which include breast and prostate cancers. The combination of vitamin C and lycopene helps to prevent the buildup of cholesterol in your blood stream.


Beans have good fiber content. On the other hand, fiber helps to reduce the absorption of fat and calories from the intestinal tract. Fiber helps in reducing your appetite and allow you to eat fewer calories.

The potassium quantity of beans is high conversely the quantity of sodium is less. As a result, it helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and strokes. Beans are good for the heart. Moreover you will include them in your diet equally you will become smart.


Although sweet potato is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of carbs. Yet it is mandatory to any weight loss tips as it has high fiber content along with its nutritional value.

However it has a good quantity of vitamin C, B-complex, folic acid, potassium, vitamin A and beta-carotene. Finally all these nutrients combined with plant sterols found in sweet potatoes are powerful antioxidants. Similarly they help to lower cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. In other words sweet potatoes are excellent sources of insoluble and soluble fiber.

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